Sunday, January 30, 2011

cottage chic

do y'all watch 'the nate berkus show'....i do sometimes and i happened to watch this episode with this girls adorable bungalow. i am obsessed with her chandeliers in her kitchen, i mean how cozy and fun?
i love cottages and this one is fab! just a few picts....

Friday, January 28, 2011

new year, new look

we are about to re-vamp the look of our design biz. new year, new name....a little more punch, a little more pop (that is for you lala)....
these office spaces are inspiring to me and kind of even make me want to work on a friday afternoon.....TGIF!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

happy birthday to me....

no ryhme or reason to this post. it's my birthday so i thought i would post some of my fav picts right now....enjoy!

obsessed with this black and white room....

so much fun

who doesn't need a gold pouf?

loving this haircut!

i want to go inside this house....

love fresh flowers and these make me want to grab a big bundle of something for my house!


love these from isuwanee...

how fun!

Friday, January 14, 2011

keep calm and redecorate....

i have been terrible about blogging. it took a bunch of phone calls from people telling me that they were sick of seeing my NOVEMBER post for me to get motivated. i resolve to be better about this, i promise!

we had a great christmas, fun new years and i had even more fun taking all the lights and decorations down. i was over looking at all of it and was ready to say goodbye to the garland and such! i had even more fun re-decorating my house. i was watching something on tv about ina garten's house and went into a deep depression (well, not really but i did want to bomb my house). i decided all the color in my house, meaning deep indigo blues and lime greens, had to GO. i was ready to start 2011 off calmer, more streamlined and much more restful. so i got painter came, my slipcover lady came, my bright pillows went, my accessories were picked through and it was very fun!

here are some inspiration photos for my new look and i plan to post the before and afters this weekend...hope you like this restful, calm look as much as i do!

the chair that started it all.....INA'S

you only turn 30 once....

my sister just turned 30 and i threw her a dinner party. i had so much fun planning it all from the menu to the decor to the yummy cupcakes. she seemed to have a great time so that made me happy. it was small and intimate which makes it all the more fun. wish i had some shots of the party in full swing but here are some of the fun details....happy birthday lala!
 did all the stylish tags and them! check them out for the cutest notecards, lucite items and party details